January 29, 2019

After nearly six weeks in the detention center in Moscow, the Russian government deported me back to the USA. I arrived at the Washington DC international airport early afternoon yesterday. I was kept in the dark of travel information until the last moment. The day before I was sent back, I received a note from the US embassy saying that I would be met by my friend Brent at the Washington airport. Brent is my friend that set up the website and blog for me and happens to live in Virginia, just a half hour drive from the airport. This is my first time to the east coast and an opportunity to catch up with my good friend, so I will delay my return to Alaska until February 3rd.

December 31, 2018

I am now at the detention center in Moscow. It can best be described as a prison. I have two cell mates, one from Australia, the other from Turkey. We are locked in our cells 23 hours each day, with one hour let out each day in a caged area. I don’t know when they will deport me. Russian New Year is a major holiday and I am told nothing will happen at least until mid-January. I am treated well and don’t have any serious complaints. I am in good health and in good spirits.