Photo – 10/14/2018

Photo taken after English group. It was a great time of games and snacks where everyone was having fun!

October 13, 2018

It was quite a surprise when the guard informed me in some broken English and with the help of Google Translate, that I would no longer be under guard. I would continue to remain at the hospital and could come and go without restriction, walking the city alone. It seemed unreal, I was given freedom that I did not see coming. For the first time in nearly 2 1/2 months, I was left alone. The sense of excitement that I felt seemed almost unreal.

Acquittal #1 – 10/09/2018

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in the case on an administrative offence

Anadyr October 9, 2018

The judge of the Anadyr Court in Chukotka Autonomous Area (Chukotka) is Anton Vladimirovich Kodes, assisted by the Register – Natalya Ivanovna Chrol with the participation of John William Martin III and an assigned interpreter Gulnara Olegovna Rodionova.,

having examined the case on the administrative offence under p.1.1 Art.18.8 of the Code of the Russian Federation (CRF) in the open court against
the US citizen John William Martin III,
born on 06.01.1972 in Soldotna, Alaska, USA,
married, residing at 86 East Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska, USA,


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October 9, 2018

The court was finally scheduled for 3pm. I was still not sure what the hearing would be for. I was told that I could appeal the fine and that the judge would order my deportation back to the USA, but both would prove to not be the case. As the hearing began, the judge explained the proceeding, there was an accusation of a violation of law, charging me with being in the country without proper documentation. He asked me if I acknowledged being guilty of the charges, I hesitated. It was at this moment that I began to realize that I was at trial, and this was not merely a formality of the deportation process. I was ignorant to the system and did not know the law, so I tried to consider my response carefully. I expressed to the judge that I did not see how I could be charged with being in the country illegally, since I was being detained against my will. I pointed out my statements on the initial report that I requested to be let back to the sea to continue my journey. I pointed out the fact that I was flown to Anadyr by the Border Security and had been kept under guard since that time. Then the judge asked me if I had any witnesses. As it turned out, the guard who had escorted me to trial was also the one who was first given the task of watching over me on the day of my arrival to the city and was the main guard who was daily on duty since. I called him as witness. He confirmed that I was detained and did not have access to my boat and supplies as well as the fact that I was under lock and key. I continued to make the best argument that I could against the Charges. The judge left the courtroom and we were instructed to wait and he would return in 40 minutes. 40 minutes later he returned and stated that he would need 40 more minutes, more than 3 hours later he finally returned with a final decision, now nearly 10pm. He had his judgement of facts in hand and we resumed the trial to read the report into the record. He read it so fast, hardly stopping to take a breath, I could hear my name mentioned time and again, but had no idea what was being said. He never paused for the interpreter and I could see her writing notes rapidly. Then he finished, stood up and exited the courtroom. I still had no idea what he said. The interpreter and the guard seemed surprised and there was a sense of excitement as they stood to their feet and began talking back and forth very rapidly. I could get the sense that there was good news as they seemed to be dancing on their toes as though they were celebrating a victory of sorts. Now Gulnara began to explain that the case had been thrown out, the judge agreed that I could not be charged with a crime since I was held against me will. The case was over and I had won.